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Using Instagram for Restaurant Marketing

Food… Where would we be without it? Food surrounds everything, from dinner with friends, to lunch with colleagues. In recent years, people have began sharing their food experiences online. The social media platform Instagram is brilliant for this. It’s highly visual which is a major benefit for restaurants.

Instagram for restaurant marketing has numerous advantages. If you run or own a restaurant, make sure to follow the following 3 tips to market your business successfully

1. Announce New Food
If your kitchen is cooking up new recipes, then Instagram is the best place to promote them. Take a brilliant picture of the dish and upload to the restaurant’s account. With this, you don’t need to write a copy, the image itself does enough. An aesthetically pleasing photo of the food can inspire regulars and newcomers to try the new recipe.


2. Optimize Photo Quality
Use a regular or phone camera to take photos instead of the Instagram app to get better quality. Benefits of using alternate cameras include using features like optical zoom. After taking the photos, use the Instagram app to access the file and take advantage of its versatile photo-editing tools.


3. Encourage Customers to Post Photos Taken at the Restaurant
Managers can encourage customers to post photos in several ways. Best photos could be displayed at the restaurant or in online advertising. Great photos might earn diners a free meal or discount. Sponsor an Instagram contest to get customers to take lots of photos and generate business. Award prizes for photo quality, creativity, artistic composition or other criteria such as best-dressed diner or wackiest costume. Another option is to post photos on digital signs or monitors, and technology allows restaurants to post these photos in real-time. Hashtag campaigns are a successful method to encourage the sharing of photos!


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