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Twitter Marketing for Hotels

In order to ensure customer satisfaction, you need to engage with the customers. It will help to increase profits and conversion rates. The best way to engage with your customers is through effective social media management. With this, you can provide your customers with a personalised experience.

We have previously discussed Instagram and Facebook tips for hotels and below are 3 great tips on how to use Twitter as an effective marketing tool for your hotel

Build a following

The first and most vital element of your Twitter marketing campaign is to build your following. To do this, follow Twitter accounts that have relevance to the business. In this case, it is accounts relevant to hotels. so for example, follow travel experts and local attractions. If you are an existing hotel, follow your customers and hopefully they will follow you back. This will allow you to directly engage with them whether it is during their stay or after they have left.

Use hashtags

If your hotel’s account uses hashtags, it makes it easier for Twitter users to see you. For example, post a beautiful image of your hotel and include #Dublin or #Galway (whatever county your hotel is located in). Then when Twitter users search that hashtag, they will see your hotel’s image and hopefully follow the account.

You can also create a hashtag that is unique to the hotel and advertise it on all marketing platforms, both online and print. Ask guests to use the hashtag if they are uploading any images to their own Twitter account.


Offer trip planning advice and other tips

Engaging with customers shouldn’t be limited to answering enquiries and responding to complaints. Show a willingness to create conversation by offering trip planning tips and advice. One impressive example is Hilton hotel group’s account @HiltonSuggests. With this account, they respond directly and proactively to individuals asking for travel tips and recommendations. These genuine, personalized responses are a great example of how to build a personal connection with potential customers.


Through these top tips, you can make the most of Twitter as part of your hotel marketing strategy. Improve the customer experience and reach more potential guests for an increase in your hotel’s booking rates.


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