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Top 5 Things To Do In Kilkenny

1. Smithwicks

Smithwicks dates back as far as 1710. Visit Smithwicks in Kilkenny and try your hand with brewing some ale. Here you will learn the difference between this storied ale and other lagers and stouts.

Did you know… Smithwicks is older than Guinness?

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2. Medieval Mile

Kilkenny City is home to a mile of medieval marvels. From St. Canice’s Cathedral to Rothe House, you are sure to come across fantastic alleys such as the Butter Slip.

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3. Kilkenny Castle

Kilkenny’s famous castle sits right in the city’s centre, above the River Nore. The castle is most famous for the Butler family residing there between 1391 and 1971. Take a walk through the castle and check out the tapestry room, ‘withdrawing room’ and the grand staircase. Before you leave, check out the park outside.

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4. Hole in the Wall

The parting glass is hidden down a tiny lane off High Street. Named the Hole in the Wall, it’s a brilliantly intimate inner house of an Elizabethan mansion. Pop in, and you might find a gig, a party or an exhibition underway. The Duke of Wellington is among those said to have supped here.

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5. The Black Abbey

Kilkenny has its big hits, but it also has its hidden gems. Head down Abbey Street, off the Medieval Mile, and you’ll find the Black Abbey – a Dominican church whose community first arrived in 1235. The building was so-called due to the colour of its priests’ habits, though the old nave and aisle are among the only bits remaining from the early days. From the outside, it looks fairly plain. Step inside, however, and you’re greeted by a breath-taking explosion of stained glass. The Rosary Window is said to be the largest in Ireland.

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