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Top 5 Things To Do In Galway

Galway City is renowned for its charm and bohemian spirit. From its beautiful city lanes to wonderful atmosphere, it’s a city that needs to be visited.

We have compiled the top 5 things to do in Galway City… So keep reading!

5. Visit the Spanish Arch

At number 5 on our list is a true Galway icon. In 1584, the Spanish Arch was built overlooking the River Corrib. Galway used to be a walled city and the only remains are that of the arches. They were used to access the quays from the town. If you are nearby, visit The Spanish Arch Hotel. It resides on the bustling Quay Street and is the perfect spot to enjoy a locally brewed beer.

4. Traditional music on Quay Street

Like we previously mentioned, Quay Street is lively with plenty of pubs, restaurants and cafes. As well as this, you are never too far from a pub with live traditional music. Sit in on a sessiún and enjoy the sounds of the bodhráns and banjos.

3. Kirwan’s Lane

At number 3 is Kirwan’s Lane. The lane itself is named after one of Galway’s 14 Tribes, the Kirwans, who helped build the city into a bustling centre of industry in the 1500s. It’s said to be one of five existing medieval lanes out of a former 14 in the City of Tribes. A highlight of the current Kirwan’s Lane is Judy Green’s Pottery studio where Ms Green can be seen working away.

2. Experience a musical medieval church

Packed with curious corners and ancient tombs, Ireland’s largest medieval parish church, St Nicholas’s Collegiate Church, is number 2 on the list. It was built in 1320, and these days, the traditional ‘Irish Tunes in the Church’ feature the rector on his concert flute on summer nights. Don’t miss the weekend Galway Market just beside it, too.

1. Savor the tastes

And finally, in at number 1 on our list is the food… From fabulous farmhouse Irish cheeses at Sheridan’s to the irresistible McCambridge’s food emporium– you’ll find something to your taste in Galway. No visit is complete without calling in to the family-owned Griffin’s Bakery (going strong since 1876 and now in its fifth generation) for their unbeatable breads.

So, if you have traveled far and wide, these top 5 things to do in Galway should not be missed.

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