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Three Effective Hospitality Marketing Strategies

If you are in the hospitality sector and want to increase your customer base, what are some of the marketing techniques that can help project your business into the path of new customers? How can you get yourself known to a much wider audience than the Yellowpages? If you want to expand, here are some hospitality marketing strategies that will show you how to be as successful as you want to be.

It is not uncommon to see high street shops closed with ‘for sale’ or ‘to let’ signs, whilst in the same stretch also see shops that are booming. What is the difference between them that has the potential to bring success to one and closure to the other?

Whatever your business – Hotel, B & B, Cafe, Restaurant, whatever it is you wish to promote, you have to know how to communicate your message effectively. If you want more success in your hospitality marketing strategies, here are a few starter ideas that are cheap and easy to produce:

Strategy 1) Pull-Tab Posters: I saw one for the very first time recently and thought what a perfect solution it was to connect with customers in a new and eye-catching way. Print your poster with a section at the bottom that includes a row of pull-tabs. With all your information on, it is a clear call-to-action for potential customers who can pull one off to keep in their pocket or purse. Ideal places to post would be supermarket and college notice boards, local bulletin boards and libraries.

Strategy 2) Classified Free-Ads – Submitting ads for the classifieds (both publication and internet) is a great way to get your business known not only locally, but further afield as well. Check out publications like AdTrader and you can also get free online advertising in the UK small Business Directory. Internet agencies like Bestway Classifieds are great, but do some research first as some sites are USA based only. Create clear and snappy ads to appeal to the customer you desire.

Strategy 3) Social Media – this has become one of the fastest ways to strike up a presence through word of button. One click and your business could be hosting the best party in town! Having identified your particular niche – and especially if you are offering credit crunch options – using Facebook, Twitter and blogging are great ways to increase interest in your establishment. There are so many creative options available – especially if you are geared up towards the younger generation who are raised on computer technology.

If you want to have a business that can weather the ups and downs of the market place and the ecconomy and remain unaffected by financial upheavals and social fluctuations, you have to be on the ball. The key way to reach that objective if effective marketing. Unfortunately, some marketing is expensive and highly ineffective. So be careful and choose wisely before commiting budget to any particular marketing strategy. Start small and test and measure as you go to know if it is effective and then ramp it up if it is or turn it off quickly if it is not.

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