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The ‘Instagram For Hotels’ Guide

The first question is; does your hotel have an Instagram account? If the answer is no, it’s time that changed. Setting up an account for your hotel on Instagram is quick and easy (see below). If you decide to keep your hotel off of Instagram, be aware that massive opportunities will be missed as this fastest-growing social media platform is home to over 300 million active users.

Keep reading to discover 5 fantastic reasons to get your hotel active on Instagram.

1. It’s simple to use
It is so easy to set up an Instagram account. All it involves is downloading the app to your smart phone or tablet, giving the account a name (the hotel’s name), providing a short description, and uploading a profile image (the hotel’s logo). Once all of this has been set up, you’re ready to go with taking great photos, uploading them, and adding a comment with hashtags.

2. Use hashtags to help promote your hotel
As previously mentioned, use #hashtags in your comments. For example, if the bar in the hotel creates cocktails, take a photo it, then upload it with a caption including #cocktail. When people search for that hashtag, your image will pop up, creating awareness of the hotel. Three or four hashtags per post is enough.

3. You can promote your hotel in real-time
Take photos and videos that capture attention and are authentic and relevant to your hotel. Make each post a visual story that complements your overall brand story. Add a brief caption to explain the photo. You can enhance images with filters and in-app tools, but a beautiful picture shouldn’t need it. Remember that your account is a business channel, so be professional, respectful and on-brand.

4. You can involve staff and guests
People love to look at pictures of scenery, food and people—and where better to find them than in a hotel? Grab a camera, take a walk around your property, go behind the scenes, and explore the neighborhood. Share photos and videos of staff at work, new menu items, guests enjoying their stay, and local scenery and activities. Be sure to ask for permission before posting people’s photos and tagging them.

5. Promoting your destination has never been easier 
Play your part in promoting your destination by sharing local imagery and engaging local travel businesses. When uploading imagery, be sure to use the photo map feature and specify your location so that photos are searchable.

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