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Staff Hiring When Opening a Restaurant – Top Tips!

The staff that you hire are the face of your business. How they work and act can lead to the ultimate success of your business. The success and failures of the business’ performance are contributed to by the efforts of each employee.

Staff quality is one of the most important aspects of a business, especially when it is a restaurant. Staff experience, training and functioning determines the reputation of the restaurant.

1. Experienced staff – Experienced people who know their job well is a must, especially if you are opening up a new restaurant. Hiring trained people is a major advantage as they can meet the restaurant needs from day one. Experienced staff are an asset for your business. This is necessary for some positions of your restaurant such as managers and chefs. Your restaurant is dependent on the quality and taste of food you serve so you must ensure that the chef that you hire will provide quality food.

2. Hire through agencies – If you are opening a new restaurant, it is best to hire through a recruitment agency. Give them the details of your requirements and they will do the rest for you. Opening a new restaurant involves many other tasks and if the hiring process is made easy, you can devote time to those tasks.

3. Real time test – Conduct on-the-spot tests during interviews, so you can see the skills of your employees. Suppose, you are hiring kitchen staff, this way you can arrange short skills based test for all such candidates and you can watch their performance. You can test the front desk staff in different skills such as promptness, courteousness, and handling customer issues. You can personally talk to them about real life problems, customer queries and ask them how they will handle such problems.

4. Entry-level positions – You will also need staff for entry-level positions. So, do not ignore profiles for such candidates. You will need to fill positions of table cleaners, dishwashers and other housekeeping. Check the credentials before hiring any staff for the safety of customers and other staff members.

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