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Social Media Marketing For Your Hospitality Business

If you own any type of business then it is crucial that an online presence for business is created and maintained. Huge opportunities are being missed if your business as not joined any social media sites. How? Well, social media provides your business with the opportunity of reaching larger audiences for little costs. Most of the time, advertising on social media is free. Hiring a social media manager is not necessary as it is an easy task to do yourself.

If you are taking on the task yourself, then keep reading to pick up some useful tips to get you started.

  1. Always use #hashtags

    If you really want your content to be seen then ensure that you are using hashtags. For example, lets say you post an image of your pub’s signature Irish coffee with the hashtag #IrishCoffee. Somebody then searches this hashtag on their social media and your image pops up. Hashtags are great to get content out to people that may not be following the business’ page. If you run a pub, restaurant, hotel or any other business, look up similar company pages to see what hashtags they are using. They may be relevant to yours.

  1. Get personal

    It is likely that people will lose interest of your business’ page lacks personality. It is important for people to know that their online engagement is with a human. Make sure the content is consistent and that all administrators of the page follow a specific theme and tone when posting on the page as the business. business.

  1. Ensure correct timing

    Sit down at the start of every month and map out your social media schedule, bearing the following in mind; are there any upcoming holidays? What menu items are you looking to promote? Have you got new products you’d like to showcase? Are you running any upcoming deals or specials? Have all of your social content prepared in advance and keep track of the dates and times you wish to post. If you need to, you can schedule your posts in advance on Facebook.

  2. Be responsive

    In an age where people are constantly using their mobile devices at all times of the day, customers expect a quick response to any question, query or complaint they have. Ensure someone is regularly checking activity and is ready to respond in a timely fashion. If necessary, you can set out a schedule for staff so you know it is always being monitored.

  3. Take pictures

    Get creative with this, you have an advantage here with so many photo opportunities in your pub. An image of a perfectly crafted cocktail or a hot bowl of Irish stew can generate a lot of interest and engagement on your page. Remember to take lots of photos when hosting events and post an album for each one on your Facebook page. You can invite people who attended to tag themselves in any images they feature in.

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