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Quick Tips To Increase Your Pub Margins

If you own or manage a pub or restaurant you will know that in order to run a successful business there are many factors you need to monitor. One of the keys areas that can make or break a business is stock or more specifically your stocktaking routine.

If you can implement an excellent stocktaking routine for your food and drink stock then you can see an increase in your margins. But there are other ways you can help increase the margins in your business. Some of those are listed below:

  • Encourage/ train staff to sell high profit products.
  • Ask for free kegs from your suppliers for various promotions. Also, you should be asking for free stock for placing the products in a highly marketable area.
  • Use of optics – This will eliminate waste as free pouring tends to costs more.
  • Shop around for the best cost price & keep an eye on 1 free with 5 as you are more than likely paying more to begin with. Always ask for net price so you can compare.
  • Better stock management will return more pints per keg & reduce waste. Pay careful attention to line cleaning. Are you bleeding the lines beforehand? Are the kegs being rotated properly? Do you know what your poorer selling products are?
  • Wine -Sell your bottled wine also by the glass, as its more profitable than to sell by the quarter bottle. Also use a wine pourer to maximise profitability.

These are just a few ideas you could potentially act upon to help you increase your margins.

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