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Organizing the Staff at Your Bar Into Teams for Superior Customer Service

Pubs and clubs are thought of by people as a place to hang out with their friends and socialize. People expect the atmosphere to be light and friendly. That is why one of the most important aspects of running a bar is to make sure that your staff is using proper teamwork techniques while working. While the bar serving staff have a responsibility to practice these teamwork techniques the management of the bar has an obligation to make sure that teamwork policies are implemented and understood by all of the bar staff.

Responsibilities of the Bar Management Team
The bar operations are a direct result of the policies and procedures that the management team of the bar puts in place. While implementing the teamwork policies are important, it only matters when the serving staff is correctly trained and the team work policies and procedures are enforced within the bar. Bar serving staff members work very hard at their jobs. They are the direct link between you and your customers. They hear the criticism and insulting remarks that you do not normally have to deal with.

So it is important on the management’s part to try to give them some positive feedback instead of making intimidation a common practice in your bar. This will increase the positive attitudes within the business and make a lighter atmosphere in which your serving staff will be more receptive to working together to get things accomplished. It is also important for the management who is scheduling to get to know the employees.

Not all personality types can work together as a team. If this occurs you have an obligation to try when possible to schedule employees who work well together at the same time. This will help to ease your job as well. One of the most important aspects of making sure that your servers can work as a team is to make sure that you are uniform in your practices. Do not punish one employee for something that you have allowed another to get away with.

This is one of the major complaints among bar serving staff. This has a direct link to the attitude from one server towards another if they feel that there is favoritism occurring.

Creative Ideas For Bars To Help With Promoting Teamwork
1. Incorporate Challenges. One simple idea is to set up a contest or challenge among your serving staff. For example, have them promote a food product or beverage and whoever serves the most will win a prize. The prize does not have to be extravagant. In fact, you will see how hard even simple gifts such as a €10 gift card to a restaurant will increase the teamwork within a company.

2. Implement team ideas. Have your staff work together in teams to create ideas that they think will work within your bar. This can include menus, venues and more for even an evening. Encourage the teams to work together to come up with the idea, find ways to implement and promote their idea and train the others within the serving staff how to carry their idea out. You can rotate special days to incorporate all of these ideas. You may be surprised that some of the teams creativeness and want to keep their ideas in practice at your bar.

3. Rotate responsibilities. Encourage your serving staff to rotate their responsibilities when they may feel overwhelmed. This will give them a much-needed break to remove themselves for a little while and compose themselves.

4. Encourage communications. Always let your serving staff know that you have an open door policy should they have a reason to talk to you. This is one of the reasons that intimidation should never be used towards employees. Often times problems that disrupt teamwork is due to a misunderstanding or misinformation that has occurred and can be cleared up within a matter of minutes.

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