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Marketing Your Restaurant Using Social Media

Do you run a business in the hospitality industry? From hotels to restaurants, implementing a social media marketing strategy is crucial regardless of what type of business you run. Your business will phase out if your’e not willing to embrace the digital era.

You may be questioning how crucial social media marketing actually is. If that’s where your audience is, then it absolutely is essential.

  • Facebook has over 2 billion monthly active users
  • YouTube has 1.5 billion monthly active users
  • Instagram has 700 million monthly active users

These numbers may be just that, numbers. but it must be considered that of these billions of users, most of them check their social media feeds multiple times a day. Therefore, in order for your business to survive, you must connect with your audience online.

If you run a restaurant, it’s important to utilise social media marketing opportunities.

  1. Data Gathering – Your website, blog and Facebook page should all contain links for customers and potential customers to subscribe. Your newsletters, offers, clubs or any list you build are what you use to build deeper, closer relationships with your customers. This is your promotional arm for your business and you need to be able to grow your lists.
  2. Customer feedback – By setting up alerts, you can be up-to-date and aware of any comments made about your establishment. Any complaint made about your venue can be potentially damaging to your reputation. Being aware as soon as possible allows you to deal with any issues, problems or complaints that crop-up. Deal with it publicly or privately depending on the circumstances, but ensure you are proactive and use the incident to improve your service levels. Remember, people are going to talk about you anyway. Gain useful feedback from using surveys as well.
  3. Customer Interaction – Get some conversations going with your customers, build trust and relationships, by giving advice, answering questions, asking questions, requesting opinions or help. Do not mistake this for selling, this is not your aim here.
  4. Spreading the Word – Use sharing tools, so that your customers can pass on your useful tips to their own friends and recommend your venue. Have video and photo’s of recent events that your customers can share with their friends. Use links and follow buttons so your community can find and follow you on your blog, Facebook and twitter.

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