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Housekeeping at Your Kerry B&B

Regardless of the rates of rooms in a B&B, there is nothing more important than cleanliness. A B&B’s reputation can be ruined if a guest spots a spec of dirt.

Housekeeping Checklists – The Guest Room

It is advised to make a checklist for ALL of the jobs that need to be carried out.

Some duties may include, but are not limited to;

  • Dust down surfaces
  • Vacuum the floor
  • Change the bed sheets
  • Replace toiletries
  • Check that there is enough toilet roll
  • Replace tea and coffee making supplies
  • Open windows after guest departure

The duties should be ticked off once completed.

Protect Your Standards

To reduce business costs you should consider laminating these checklists so that they can be ticked with a felt tip pen and then wiped clean at the end of the day. If you have staff doing the housekeeping at your B&B then this can be used as a control mechanism too. If a chambermaid has ticked something off that patently hasn’t been done you can use it to build a case to let that person go if you feel they are not doing the job properly.

After all, if your guest numbers at your B&B start dwindling and you put the room rates up to compensate, you could be on the slippery slope to losing the business. So don’t be squeamish about controlling ineffective staff, you’re the ones who will pay the higher price, not them.

Kerb Appeal Counts For a B&B

Finally, don’t neglect the outside of your B&B either, as kerb appeal is very important. Not only do you want passing trade to see a clean establishment, which is more likely to convert them into paying guests, but your current guests will enjoy coming up a freshly swept path through a well-kept garden.

Wipe down the door and porch, particularly if it’s been a wet and windy day. Sweep the path and be vigilant against weeds and keep the borders tidy too. All this says that you care about the B&B which tells guests you will care about them too. This can do more for repeat business than tinkering with your room rate or business costs.


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