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Housekeeping at your Galway Hotel

If your hotel doesn’t have cleanliness then it wont have customers either!

Galway City is swimming with hotels, so it won’t be hard for customers to find another hotel if yours isn’t spotlessly clean 24/7. Your hotel’s reputation is extremely important, so don’t let laziness ruin it. Reviews are so common these days, and if a customer is not satisfied with the cleanliness of your hotel, it is highly likely that they will not keep it to themselves.

Create a checklist… It will help you to keep on top of tasks. Write down every task that needs to be carried out and tick them off when they are completed.

For example;

  • Chang bed sheets
  • Vacuume floor
  • Replace toiletries
  • Provide toilet roll
  • Open windows after guest departs

Check off these tasks once they have been completed. If there are several staff members, sign their names under the tasks they completed.

Make sure the outside of the hotel is just as clean as the inside… It’s what the customer sees first.

It is crucial for your hotel’s reputation that you don’t neglect the outside of the hotel. As mentioned, the outside of the establishment is the first thing the customer sees. As well as this, a perfectly kept hotel exterior can turn passerbys into paying customers.

Wipe down the door and porch, particularly if it’s been a wet and windy day. Sweep the path and be vigilant against weeds and keep the borders tidy too. All this says that you care about the hotel which tells guests you will care about them too. This can do more for repeat business than tinkering with your room rate or business costs.

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