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Hiring Quality Staff For Your Pub

If you run a pub, it is important to understand the importance of hiring and training skillful staff. Your staff are the face and representation of the business so it is necessary to recruit top quality employees. While you are in the midst of the recruitment process, you should remember that not everybody is suited to waiting tables in the pub or tending a bar. Therefore, if your staff provide a poor services, your customers will leave and go to your competitors. To ensure loyal and repeat customers, hire staff that provide and excellent, top quality service.

To help you along with the hiring process, look out for the following important qualities that your potential employees should possess.

  • Excellent communication skills

The first thing to look out for is somebody that has the ability to get along with everybody, both customers and other staff. Bar tenders in particular need to be able to communicate with customers and have conversations about anything.

  • Top quality sales person

Staff don’t just serve food or drinks, they are also selling to customers. Your waiting staff must be confident when discussing dishes and drinks available. As well as this, they must be able to advise appropriate drinks to go with certain food dishes.

  • Brilliant team player  

Look for staff who will fit into your team, and work well together. Good relationships between various members of staff will make for a better working atmosphere, especially when the pub is really busy and you are all working under pressure.

  • General skills

Staff will need to be numerate, able to add up and spot any mistakes with totals, as well as handling money. Good memories are essential for remembering a long order at the bar, and when it comes to serving regulars with their favourite drinks.

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