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Food Stocktaking

In order to run a successful food business, it is crucial to conduct regular food stocktakes. If your margins are deteriorating fast, it is likely that you don’t have the correct procedures in place.

Controlling food costs is extremely difficult if you don’t know the quantity of food your business has. Wastage can occur when too much food is ordered. As well as this, if not enough food is ordered, certain dishes may become unavailable at times. It is because of this that it is critical to know exactly what food items are in stock. Conducting regular food stock takes is the only way of keeping on top of things. It is advised to carry out stock takes weekly or at least monthly.

If your business has hundreds of items, accurate stocktaking will not be simple. It’s because of the idea of recording hundreds of items ranging from fresh, perishable, frozen, and dry foods that chefs are usually reluctant to conduct a stocktake. But the benefits of a regular stock take far outweigh the time and effort involved. It provides an accurate picture of the financial outgoings on food – on a daily basis for businesses with the greatest need – alongside a same -scale comparison with sales. It enables the business to track variations in purchases and sales and to act immediately to correct them. It also emphasises to the staff that the business is serious about cost control and deterring pilferage.

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