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Essential Hotel Marketing Strategy

Every hotel and resort needs an effective marketing solution to promote their brand and thus become a market leader. Internet market search has brought in revolution in marketing techniques making traditional marketing outlets such as TV advertising and newspapers less effective.

The main objective of hotel marketing is to drive traffic to the website and generate guest bookings. Website is a primary marketing tool that plays an ideal role in distribution strategy. Therefore, a website needs to be easy to use and attractive. Besides, users expect to find information within just a few clicks of their mouse, which in turn keeps them connected with the brand page.

A strong internet presence is highly important for survival and hotel marketing strategy is one step to reach guests in a faster and easier manner when they plan a trip online. Website is the initial focus for hotel marketing therefore its design and usability are of most importance.

Difference can be noticed while comparing the conversion rates with industry competitors to evaluate call to action including online reservations and enquiry forms. Another feature of hotel marketing is Search Engines – Google, Yahoo and Bing, to keep the website among the top ranking hotel sites.

It comprises other multiple techniques such as Website Optimization, Keyword Analysis, Keyword Optimization, Inbound Link and Content Creation. These are crucial in making website gets noticed by search engines and guests.

Management of social networking, content creation and blogging are other aspects that can be included in hotel marketing strategy. Dominance of social media has established a way to reach online community and engage with guests to boost online reservations.

Hotel SMO also helps in creating brand and managing a profile for hotel or resort on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. This is essential in boosting online visibility and making people talk more about the property.

Hotel SMO involves creativity and investment and builds trust of users, thus connecting them with the business. Social media can also do wonders in attracting guests wherein company announces special offers and deals.

Engagement on social media channels helps in creating awareness of brand and gives opportunity to broaden business vertical. Sharing reviews on travel social networks like Expedia and TripAdvisor with social bookmark sites is another method of promotion. Social media is an essential tool to interact with customers which also impacts organic search rankings for the business.

Social media strategies involve significant benefits in terms of revenue and online placement. It drives traffic and users to the website, monitors online brand reputation and conversations and increases ROI for organic and paid search strategies. Therefore, it is important that hotel marketing opens up communication between company and its customers.

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