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Key Steps For An Accurate Stocktake

Performing a regular stocktake is absolutely essential for maintaining healthy inventory levels, minimizing losses and managing your profit margins. But many hospitality based businesses find them to be time-consuming, energy-draining, and frustrating. And without a clear, methodical plan, you face the risk of serious human errors such as over-counting or under-counting. These type of mistakes […]

Essential Hotel Marketing Strategy

Every hotel and resort needs an effective marketing solution to promote their brand and thus become a market leader. Internet market search has brought in revolution in marketing techniques making traditional marketing outlets such as TV advertising and newspapers less effective. The main objective of hotel marketing is to drive traffic to the website and […]

Common Causes For Stocktaking Inconsistencies

The whole reason why stocktaking is so very important in your pub, nightclub, hotel or restaurant is that it can reveal inconsistencies between inventory records and the number of stock you actually have on hand. Discovering these issues helps you move your business in a more profitable direction and eliminate anything that may have been […]

Core Considerations For Hotel Marketing

In this era of digital marketing the days of promoting your hotel through magazines, directories and flyers are greatly diminished. Today, the first place a tourist goes prior to making hotel bookings is the internet. Having grown more than 73% over the last 5 years, internet booking is riding the high wave these days. Recent […]

4 Keys To Successful Hotel Marketing

Creating your hotel marketing strategy doesn’t have to be a headache. Similar to other businesses, there are typically a handful of primary areas you have to focus on. When it comes to marketing the key areas to review are outlines below: 1) Situation Analysis In your situation analysis, you’ll have to examine the market needs, […]