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7 Steps To A Successful Stocktake

A stocktake is a count of the business inventory on hand, typically done at the end of the financial year, though some businesses may do it more regularly. Having an accurate idea of the number of stock items your business owns allows your accountant to reconcile physical stock to the inventory records, highlight variances, and […]

Keeping Count with Food and Beverage Stocktaking

Stocktaking is the process of recording and counting the value and amounts of stock held by a business. One of the advantages of Food & Beverage Stocktaking is the ability to monitor the changing costs of all the food items and making an updated report which states the charged old price and the new price […]

Reduce Wastage with Food Stocktaking

If your business got sizeable food operations, it is highly imperative to consider the benefits of having regular and accurate food stocktaking. Much like the liquors, food stocktaking can essentially find extra margin where you were unaware of its existence previously. Generally, stocktaking pertains to physical verification or evaluation of conditions and quantities held in […]

5 Do’s and Don’ts of Taking an Accurate Stocktake

Taking an accurate stock of your business’s goods is an important task that requires careful planning and preparation. If you don’t keep track of your stock on a regular basis, you could see your profits fall and your business eventually fail. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts of a good stocktake that you may find […]

Improve Your Stock Control With Software

How do find your stock? Do you have a hard times in doing such thing? Does you have an accurate records of your stocks? Or maybe, you cannot determine the amount of item to be purchased? One problem face by every businesses today is stock complications. They cannot decide exactly how much to order in […]