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Benefits of Stocktaking

Many people have been wondering as to what stocktaking is. Well, it is the process where a business records the number of stock that they have to ensure that they would be able to continuously provide their customers with their needs. For example, by simply conducting food stocktaking, you can assure that your customers would […]

Benefits of Beverage or Drink Stocktaking

Businesses must generate their full effort and determination on giving importance on stocktaking in order to make their business on its fullest capacity. Industry that serves beverages is just one industry that must also take part on stocktaking. Beverage or drink stocktaking is a huge challenge in today’s time in order for them to keep […]

7 Steps To A Successful Stocktake

A stocktake is a count of the business inventory on hand, typically done at the end of the financial year, though some businesses may do it more regularly. Having an accurate idea of the number of stock items your business owns allows your accountant to reconcile physical stock to the inventory records, highlight variances, and […]

Practical Advice on Undertaking a Good Stock Take in Your Business

Stock takes in your business is best completed by working on one area of the store at a time. You may decide to break up your stocktake by physical location in your premises, or by supplier, department or category. With most POS systems you can perform a stocktake in several ways: 1.Using a PDE scanner […]

Increase Sales With Restaurant Marketing

There are a number of restaurants that start business but without undertaking proper marketing strategies. For restaurant branding a professional campaign is required. Only word of mouth about the restaurant service, the quality of food and its ambiance is not enough. For promoting a restaurant business you need proper marketing to increase restaurant sales. A […]