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Hotel Management Tips For General Managers

Regardless of other responsibilities, and you have plenty, the management of employees in a hotel setting is the most crucial and the most difficult. Knowing how to care for your employee leads to excellent care of customers, and these hotel management tips for general managers will help to steer you in the right direction to […]

Restaurant Management Tips For a Smoothly Running Restaurant

Driving Sales by Service Magic: Implementing Sales Techniques in Your Restaurant Do you think that sales happen by magic? In a sense you are right, because you create the magic by your guest’s positive impression of your restaurant’s food and service. Management and employees need to drive sales. Your Service Staff are your primary sales […]

Pub Stocktaking Will Get You Back In Control

Stocktaking is so critically important for pub owners. It allows you to know exactly how much you sell of Vodka a week? Beer, wines, spirits and so on. It tells you how much you are you wasting a week. What your gross profit is. It can tell you if you are losing stock. There is […]

Organizing the Staff at Your Bar Into Teams for Superior Customer Service

Pubs and clubs are thought of by people as a place to hang out with their friends and socialize. People expect the atmosphere to be light and friendly. That is why one of the most important aspects of running a bar is to make sure that your staff is using proper teamwork techniques while working. […]

Hotel Marketing Made Easy

Gone are the days of promoting your hotel through magazines, directories and flyers. Today, the first place a tourist goes prior to making hotel bookings is the internet. Having grown more than 73% over the last 5 years, internet booking is riding the high wave these days. Recent reports suggest that travel forms the largest […]