|| Aidan Mc Donnell, Author at Synergy Stocktaking ||

The Importance of Hotel Stocktaking

If you are thinking about starting your own hotel business, one of the techniques to ensure your business’s success is hotel stocktaking. Hotel stocktaking pertains to the act of delivering full stock results including actual versus estimated margins, stock shortages and surpluses and yields. This also includes myriads of other essential data related to hotel […]

Managing Your Food Stocktaking

You are aware that kitchen has become one of the standard additions to the majority of bars today. This is because many owners have realized that by concentrating solely on the drinks, they are just limiting their profit margins. Some business owners sometimes leave the liability of food costing to their chef; however, if you […]

Implement Efficient Hotel Stocktaking

If you are managing a hotel or are a hotel owner one of the core things you should look to do is implement an efficient stocktaking routine into your operations. There are many reasons why this should be a core focus for you. Not least among those benefits is that it will help to increase […]

Increasing Profitability With Beverage Stocktaking

The economy today while better than previous years is still turbulent and indeed it affects businesses worldwide and here in Ireland. Pubs, restaurants, clubs, bars, hotels and nightclubs are some of the businesses who are affected by the economic trends. There are many reasons why there is an increase in the number of businesses that […]

What To Learn From Beverage Stocktaking

It is easy to say the aim of any business venture is ultimately to generate profit but we often find that actually generating profiting is not such an easy task! It takes a lot of hard work, both physical and mental. Stocktaking is one business function, that if it is done effectively and systematically and […]