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Benefits of Stocktaking

Many people have been wondering as to what stocktaking is. Well, it is the process where a business records the number of stock that they have to ensure that they would be able to continuously provide their customers with their needs. For example, by simply conducting food stocktaking, you can assure that your customers would […]

Benefits of Beverage or Drink Stocktaking

Businesses must generate their full effort and determination on giving importance on stocktaking in order to make their business on its fullest capacity. Industry that serves beverages is just one industry that must also take part on stocktaking. Beverage or drink stocktaking is a huge challenge in today’s time in order for them to keep […]

Food Stocktaking: Reduce Kitchen Costs

Kitchen is considered as standard addition to the most bars of today due to the fact that owners have realized that through focusing solely into the drinks they would be limiting their profit margins. Those owners would most of the time leave the responsibility of food costing into the chef however once you want to […]

Managing Staff Turnover In Your Bar Or Restaurant.

Hiring great staff is a challenging prospect and retaining them can prove equally as challenging. Like any resource, hospitality employees must be protected, and plans should be implemented to make sure they remain a sustainable resource. Over the years, the hospitality industry has received a bad reputation for high turnover and a shallow talent pool. […]

Advantages of Night Club Stocktaking

Many club establishments face stock problems. This is caused by the low income of customers and the additional VAT or Value Added Tax imposed on the night club. The business will not only experience a shortage in earnings but a problem in stock management as well. If you are a night club owner, it is […]