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7 Hotel Management Tips for your Kilkenny Hotel

If you are a general manager in a hotel, you are well aware that you have endless responsibilities. The most important and often times the most difficult responsibility of them all is managing your staff. A good manager must know how to care correctly for their employees as it results in excellent customer care.

Have a read below of a couple of tips that you can pick up to help with how you manage your employees.

1. Respect, honesty & recognition

Respect your employees, be honest with them, and provide them with recognition when a great job has been carried out. That is ultimately all they want. Once you provide this, you receive happy employees. And happy employees are productive employees.

2. Leave the office

If you are constantly behind a closed (or even open) door, your employees wont feel connected to you. If there is no connection, then there is probably no trust. How can an employee trust you if you are always behind that door? Be visible, have conversations, and interact.

3. Don’t wait

Everybody has dreaded meetings that they would rather avoid. Don’t put them off until another time. Whether it is laying of an employee or even just a general meeting, do it sooner rather than later. Or else it will become much more difficult in the long run.

4. Hire people with the right qualities

We are not all suited to the same times of jobs. So only hire people that have the qualities suited to tasks they will be carrying out. Don’t hire a bartender that cannot make conversation, or waiting staff that are unattentive. If staff are not 100% suited to the job, other staff may get frustrated and morale will be reduced.

5. View problems as opportunities

Every obstacle you face can lead to amazing breakthroughs, so never see issues as a problem. Looking for the opportunity to learn and grow from it.

6. Don’t gloat about success

As a general manager, it is important to know that your success comes directly from the success of your employees and the way they handle the customers. Praise your employees when you’re doing exceptionally well and it will show that you appreciate working with them.

7. Reprimand in private & praise in public

Employees want respect most of all, and calling out your employees mistakes in front of their co-workers belittles them and takes down their respect.


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