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6 Tips for Successful Stocktaking

If you run a business that requires holding stock, then stock taking is a crucial task. Stocktaking ensures that there is no stock missing and helps to reveal if theft is taking place.

It doesn’t have to be a chore so we have compiled some tips to help run a successful stocktake.


1. It is essential that the stock-room is tidy and that the stock is organised and in the right places. It is crucial that the stock take is accurate and thorough.


2. Lock down the stock room while the stock take is taking place. This isn’t always possible due to taking orders and dispatching orders at the same time. If it is not possible, all of the said orders need to be recorded and reported.


3. It is important that there are no distractions as it can result in an inaccurate stock take. It is advised to discourage chatting, mobile phones etc. Of course regular breaks should be allocated so that stock takers keep focused.


4. Stocktakers need equipment so provide them with a clipboard, different coloured pens, calculators, and stock count sheets. Do not record the amount of each unit that is supposed to be in stock, just what is actually in front of you.


5. Do not estimate anything, count every single item. If a case says there are 12 items inside it, you still need to count each item just in case.


6. Once the counting is complete, the physical amount on hand will need to be updated on all systems (websites, accountancy packages etc.). Any discrepancies should be noted and followed up accordingly.


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