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5 Social Media Marketing Benefits

If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon of social media marketing, then it’s time you do. It is one of the best platforms for reaching new potential customers. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are of huge benefit for companies, and massive opportunities are being missed if your company is not visible there.

Our top 5 social media marketing benefits are:

  1. increased engagement
  2. providing information
  3. building brand personality
  4. maintaining a great reputation
  5. networking

So, continue reading to discover some fantastic tips to getting the most out of social media marketing.

1. Increased Engagement

It is important to note that your business online should be more of a personality, and less of a business. Be conversational, informative, and sometimes humorous on Facebook and Twitter etc if you want to hold your audience’s interests. Try to develop relationships instead of pushing sales. An effective way of doing this is to get involved in online discussions and engage with your audience. Find out what they like or dislike.

2. Providing Information

Ensure that your company’s social media profile is up to date and involved in current news. Social networking channels are hubs of news and information. Connecting to other companies and personnel in your industry area allows you to keep track of any important developments and new ideas. Take advantage of what you can find out to keep your business on top of things. Share relevant news as well as your thoughts on current issues and trends.

3. Building Brand Personality

Showing off your business across social networks is a great way to convert your brand personality into something feasible and believable. For the best chance of success, maintain a consistency when it comes to tone of voice and humour. Think of your business as one person interacting with people all across the internet. A relaxed and friendly tone is often most effective.

4. Maintaining a Great Reputation

As social media has developed, it has become common marketing knowledge that a large amount of Facebook ‘likes’ or Twitter followers indicates business popularity and customer interest. Use your initiative to take advantage of this online reputation indicator by getting more people to connect with your business profiles. You can encourage people to connect and ‘like’ posts by creating competitions and giving out free stuff. Generate the numbers on your profile and your number of customers should follow in fashion.


5. Networking

While your marketing aim is to encourage people to connect to you, social media platforms also give you an opportunity to connect to valuable people. Put yourself out there in discussions and display your knowledge in front of other businesses and people who might take an interest in what you have to offer. Make the online community world aware of your business identity and reputation to engage with potential business partners and create opportunities.


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