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5 Facebook Tips for Hotels

Facebook is the social networking leader. If your business does not have a Facebook page, huge opportunities are being missed.

Have a look below to see how you can use Facebook for your business.

1) Page Management 

Assign a member of staff to manage the Facebook page. Here, the assigned staff member will be managing updates and posting on the page daily. If somebody leaves a positive or negative review, ensure that both are responded to. It is even better if the responses are immediate as it portrays the image that the hotel cares and is listening.

2) Special Offers 

Customers love special offers. Providing them with promo codes and special discounts on Facebook, they are sure to be regular visitors to your page.  Special offers will encourage customers to book with your hotel instead of others in the area.

3) Create Live Videos 

Live videos on social media have become huge recently, especially on Facebook. It gives greater reach than a typical video post. Use them to showcase new rooms, menus etc. It also helps with showing guests that what kind of food is served at the hotel’s restaurant.

4) Connect Facebook with Instagram

Facebook owns Instagram, so if you wish to do some promotions on Instagram, the interaction is based on a similar strategy. Instagram provides hotels with showcasing images of their location, rooms, food and much more.

5) Make instant booking available

To generate direct booking through Facebook, you need to add some custom tabs such as ‘book now’ and ‘call now’ options. With the right online booking engine you can connect your booking engine to your Facebook page so that travelers can book directly without going to your website

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