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4 Benefits of Running a Nightclub in Dublin

Running a nightclub in Dublin involves more than looking glamorous. The Capital has hundreds of nightclubs which provides your nightclub with plenty of competition. Although it is a though job, the rewards are endless.

  1. You get to meet new people
  2. You get to hear great music
  3. There is no 9-5 grind

1. Meeting New People

Nightclubs as a platform for socialising and meeting new people is not just for the guest, it’s also for the owner of the nightclub. A nightclub owner often looks out for new connections, networks, and allies. The new social stature of inviting people to VIP areas for free is one of the main draws of club ownership.

2. Hearing Geat Music

One of the advantages of running a nightclub is that you get to pick the music. Whether it’s live acts or an iTunes DJ, the club owner gets to spend her working hours listening to hot tunes. The owner always has front-row tickets to every super-exclusive, sold-out-in-five-minutes concert that the club books.

3. No 9 to 5 Grind

Nightclub managers work long hours, from the time spent preparing the club for the night’s rush, through supervising the nightly drunken revelry, to the last call for drinks. Yet working in a club isn’t the same as working at a desk in an office. For those who love the night life, time spent working or playing in a club is recreation.

4. Profit

If everything comes together in your club – the music, location, decor, the right mix of people-it might well be a hit. While far from being guaranteed, some well-run nightclubs are very lucrative, grossing thousands every night from drink sales. For those looking to make a sure profit, however, you might want to stick with a profession with more certain income.


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