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3 Tips for Hiring Hotel Staff

A good reputation is important in the hotel industry. How customers perceive the hotel will usually determine the volume of new customers. This means that hiring the best staff for the hotel is crucial. Every single member of staff, from the chef and waitressing staff to service desk staff determine how each visitor views the hotel. If your staff’s performance quality is poor, the stay for the guest is likely to be poor also. If that guest leaves a negative review, the hotel’s reputation will crumble.

Below are three fantastic tips that will help you hiring the best staff for your hotel!

  1. Carry Out Background Checks

It is crucial that background checks are carried out on ALL potential members of staff to ensure that your hotel will provide top quality customer services. Remember, you’re trusting your staff to clean rooms, prepare food, serve food, and also interact with customers. Therefore, your customers safety is a priority and you must be certain that the staff you hire are trustworthy. The last thing you want to do is to hire somebody that could be detrimental to your hotels reputation.

As well as eliminating people that are not suitable, you may be able to hire the perfect staff by checking their reviews from previous employers.

  1. Provide Employees with Advancement Opportunities

Because it can be difficult to retain staff in the hospitality business, you should do your best to offer opportunities for advancement. This will allow you to hold on to your best employees. Not to mention that it will give many of your employees incentives to do the best job possible. When looking to fill positions in your hotel, look to promote internally first. You can even reward staff members who go out of their way to take training classes during their free time, such as accounting training, by promoting them to the position they are working towards.

  1. Train your Managers

One of the best ways to make sure your staff is working as hard as possible and providing the best services possible is by hiring good hotel managers. A good hotel manager needs to be able to communicate clearly and get along with staff members. Consider offering hotel management training to employees who want to work their way up.

Use these three tips to make sure that you hire high quality employees for your hotel.

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