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3 Great Tips for a Successful Bar

There are many challenges associated with running a bar. There’s more to it than keeping your customers happy. Keep reading to pick up some tips for successful bar management.

1. Ensure there is enough stock
On a night that is booming, running out of stock is absolutely the last thing you want. Keeping well stocked is more than just keeping the fridge full. Instead of stocking up on the same amount of beverages each time, keep track of the best sellers. If you sell more of one beverage than others, then stock up on more of it. It is also advised to keep track of the bar’s busiest days and times. Is Christmas a busy period? If yes, stock accordingly.

2. Pour levels should be monitored
To ensure consistency of mixed drinks, invest in measured pourers. They allow bar staff to measure alcohol which will reduce spillage and wasted products. It helps with ensuring that stock isn’t wasted by over pouring the alcohol.

3. Offer Something for Everyone
Don’t forget about the designated drivers! Alcohol free drink options don’t have to be limited to just soda and water. Whip up virgin daiquiri’s, smoothies, Italian sodas, specialty coffee and frappe beverages, and other “mocktail” beverages. If you host an open bar, offer discounts or even a few freebies to designated drivers.

Ensure that you take interest in your customers allergy and dietary concerns. Stock your bar with a few gluten free beers and hard ciders to appease this quickly growing demographic.


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