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5 Success Tips For Your Galway Nightclub

If you think that the nightclub business is just about selling alcohol or counting the cash, then you are extremely wrong. It is more complex that that. It is a business that requires a large amount of personal and financial investment. Success in this business depends on your goals. It also depends on what you think you can do to make consumers happy, enjoy themselves and come back. If people have traveled long distance to your nightclub for example, stags and hen do’s, then you want them to come back to Galway to YOUR nightclub. If they don’t come back then you at least want them to recommend friends.

1. Understand the reason why people go to nightclubs!

Your understanding of the people that go to nightclubs can determine the success of your nightclub in Galway. Your understanding of what customers’ want will form the basis of your concept, your layout, your operational policies and others.

Some customers go to certain clubs because of its particular ‘scene’ and atmosphere. Some go so that they can dance and enjoy themselves. Others just love the exceptional service. Its a relaxing place for some people to unwind from a tough day. Some see it as a platform to meet new people or friends, while some like to experience the great drinks and food. The key is to understand why customers come to your particular club.

2. Have a clear understanding of the nightclub business.

You need to have a realistic understanding of the inner workings of the nightclub business. Many nightclub businesses fail because their owners simply thought that a nightclub would be a cool business to earn lots of money, without understanding the complex requirements this business needs. You need to have the financial smarts and a thorough understanding of its logistics – things that you can only gain from totally immersing yourself in the business. Some business owners even apprentice or work in a nightclub business (not just go to the club regularly), while others surround themselves with people who actually know the business.

3. Provide exceptional service.

To be successful, you must provide an exceptional service that leaves positive impression to your customers. There must be adequate service employee to customer ratios, including beverage servers, bussing personnel, and valet staff (if provided). Quality service is a result of various strategies, including continuous service training to all employees (even managers), employee recognition program (e.g. employee of the month, etc.), and higher service employee to customer ratios (e.g. separate beverage servers & bussing personnel, adequate table count for each wait staff, etc.).

4. The right looks for the right market.

Decor plays a large role in determining who the clientele will be; the target market should be one of the first considerations when deciding the decor of a nightclub. You need to consider your location, the number of people in the town, and demographics of your neighborhood. If you live in a low-income neighborhood, a ritzy five-star nightclub will be beyond the reach of the immediate market; and upper class folks may not be too willing to travel and party in a low-income neighborhood.

5. Consistent entertainment atmosphere and product quality.

You need to ask yourself what the target market can afford and what they want in terms of beverage and entertainment – then consistently give them the same kind of quality (or better yet, keep on improving) every single day. The nightclub business is very affected by fashion, so you’ll need a good sense for how to make your club “the” place to be.

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