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The importance of stocktaking: 5 reasons why any business needs regular stocktakes.

If you have been putting off your first stocktake, or are even thinking if you need one at all, we hope this article will re-motivate you! If your business is small or large it pays to complete regular stocktakes – literally! By completing regular stocktakes and having an insight into your stores you will find […]

Why Carry Out a Stocktake?

 Advantages of Stocktaking The benefits of stocktaking are many but are all too often overlooked. Stocktaking can often be viewed as an expense, but weighed against inhouse stocktaking; staff fatigue, low morale, inaccurate counting, and overtime payments, it is professional, accurate, hassle free and headache free. Instead of looking at stocktaking as an expense, it should be […]

Liquor Stocktakes – What should they include?

Liquor stocktakes have long been accepted as a vital business tool for anyone involved in the licensed drinks industry. And for good reason – the information compiled by your stocktaker during a liquor stocktake helps you to increase your gross profit and yield by reducing or eliminating shrinkage – all whilst uncovering stock throughput opportunities. […]

Hotel Pre-Opening Checklist

Opening a hotel? Have a read through these key points concerning revenue management, distribution, reservations, sales and the systems needed to make your success story complete.   Revenue Management Yep, you are thinking straight, mission control, when should they start? Your chief number cruncher should be part of the project from the first moment, even […]

5 Advantages of Owning a Bed and Breakfast

Owning a bed and breakfast is like owning any other business! Because like any job, you are paid to perform tasks – cooking, cleaning, doing laundry and making people feel welcome when they are in your home. Here are a number of reasons to love being in the bed and breakfast business. As we see them, the pros to […]