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3 Great Tips for a Successful Bar

There are many challenges associated with running a bar. There’s more to it than keeping your customers happy. Keep reading to pick up some tips for successful bar management. 1. Ensure there is enough stock On a night that is booming, running out of stock is absolutely the last thing you want. Keeping well stocked is […]

Benefits of Owning a B&B in Waterford

Like any other business, owning a B&B requires a lot of time and effort. It doesn’t just require turning up to work and sitting behind a desk. There’s so much more involved such as cooking, cleaning, and hosting. It is crucial for guests to feel at home while they stay at your B&B. There are […]

6 Tips for Successful Stocktaking

If you run a business that requires holding stock, then stock taking is a crucial task. Stocktaking ensures that there is no stock missing and helps to reveal if theft is taking place. It doesn’t have to be a chore so we have compiled some tips to help run a successful stocktake.   1. It is […]

Benefits of Operating a Nightclub in Limerick

There is more to running a nightclub in Limerick than the glitz and glamour. It is a tough job with plenty of competition in the city. It requires a lot of hard work but presents many rewards. Being the Host Being the ultimate host means having super communication and organisational skills. A huge reward for nightclub […]

Housekeeping at Your Kerry B&B

Regardless of the rates of rooms in a B&B, there is nothing more important than cleanliness. A B&B’s reputation can be ruined if a guest spots a spec of dirt. Housekeeping Checklists – The Guest Room It is advised to make a checklist for ALL of the jobs that need to be carried out. Some […]